Buck Ridge Wildlife Management
Buck Ridge Wildlife Management was started with the purpose of helping private landowners and hunting clubs maximize the potential of their property by increasing the carrying capacity and improving deer habitat to grow more,healthier deer, The key to any property growing and holding big bucks is having the proper habitat. At Buck Ridge we use aerial GIS maps and on site tours to target the good and the bad of deer habitat on each clients property. Our attention to detail and ability to identify exactly what areas of your property needs improving. We have cost-effective measures that can improve your hunting property tremendously,. Identifying areas of poor deer habitat and implementing proven management techniques to reduce these areas across your property will result in a higher carrying capacity and a healthier deer herd. Every property layout is different meaning each property must be managed in its own unique way. Let Buck Ridge come assess your hunting property and advance you years beyond your neighbors!
Management Plan
Buck Ridge Wildlife Management Plans are written specifically for your property to reach its full potential. Buck Ridge Wildlife Management will make recommendations that allow you to meet your land and wildlife goals as efficiently and effectively as possible. We pride ourselves on implementing long term solutions that are guaranteed to reap benefits on your hunting property for years to come. Buck Ridge has the knowledge and experience to offer detailed management plans covering topics such as:
-property design and layout
-food plot establishment and management
-deer herd population estimates
-herd monitoring and data collection programs
-advanced hunting strategies and stand placement
-native habitat enhancement for enhanced cover and food
-conventional till,minimal tillage or No till planting
Predator Management
A key to management is protecting the wildlife. As deer herds decline and coyote numbers rise trapping coyotes has become an accepted wildlife management. Trapping along with providing adequate habitat can help stabilize the deer herd on your property and allow you to grow more mature bucks.
Camera Survey
We use the latest, research based methods for estimating the population of the deer herd on your property. A critical step in any management program. This allows us to determine short term and long term goals. We have experience on all property sizes and types.Let us help you achieve your management goals!